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Charge Service

Natural Resource Gas Ltd is the local Natural Gas distributor, responsible for ensuring the safe supply of gas to your home and equipment. Though we are licensed to work on all of your natural gas appliances, we have chosen not to compete with the local service providers whose strength is in repairing natural gas fireplaces, furnaces and space heaters.

There are more than 20 licensed heating & cooling contractors that work within the area that NRG serves. Although we can’t recommend one over another, most provide after hrs emergency service at competitive market rates. Please call any of the local heating contractors in your area. Or you can find a TSSA approved list of Contractors on their website at

Technicians will always diagnose the problem and advise you of the cost of the repair before the work is completed. We may also need to complete other charge service from time to time with the following rates:

Labour, regular hours (weekdays, 8:00am – 4:00pm)

  • Minimum charge for up to 60 minutes


  • Each additional 30 minutes or part thereof


Labour, after hours (weekdays, 4:00pm – 8:00am & weekends)

  • Minimum charge for up to 60 minutes
  • Each additional 30 minutes or part thereof


Disconnect/Reconnect Fee for non-payment or seasonal disconnect


Red tag clearance for a notice of correction


Emergency responses for “at fault” pipeline strikes are assessed individually based on heavy equipment transport to site, administrative reporting and supervisory intervention.

Call Before You Dig

Call before you dig

If yard work is on the to-do list, remember: before you dig, you must have all pipelines located by Ontario One Call. A network of hydro, natural gas, phone and cable lines, as well as water and sewer pipes, may lie just under the surface of your property. Sinking a shovel into the ground could result in serious injury, widespread service disruptions and costly repairs. And under Ontario regulations, you could be held liable for all of it.

To arrange to have utility lines located and marked for free, contact Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255. Or create an e-ticket online at, at least five full business days before you plan to dig.

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