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Terms & Conditions

  1. The Customer agrees to pay accounts in full when due.
  2. Customer agrees that a meter connection will be established immediately after the installation of the service line and will be subject to the monthly fixed charge from that date.
  3. Customers intending to vacate the premises supplied with gas or to discontinue the use of gas shall give notice to the Company at 39 Beech Street E., Aylmer Ontario or other such address as Customer may be advised, fifteen (15) days before the Customer intends to discontinue service and in default of providing such notice, the Customer will remain liable for all gas which passes through the meter until such notice is given. In the event accounts for natural gas, rentals or other services are not paid in accordance with this agreement and collection procedures are made by the Company and/or its agent, Customers will be liable for collection costs incurred by the Company and/or its agent.
  4. If the Customer discontinues service within ninety (90) days of application for gas service, there will be a charge for removal plus HST, or such charge as is currently in effect by the Company which will be added to the final billing and/or deducted from the original deposit.
  5. The Company may discontinue service and disconnect and remove the meter for repair, lack of supply and/or non-payment of bills (including late penalty charges) when due. The original deposit will be refunded upon full payment of any outstanding amount.
  6. Gas will be supplied to a meter installed by the Company. If that meter should fail to register the quantity of gas consumed or if access to read the meter cannot be made, the account of the Customer will be estimated by the Company.
  7. Customer agrees to give immediate notice at the office of the Company of any escape of gas. In case of a leak, the stopcock at the meter must be immediately closed and no light taken near the escape until after free and full ventilation.
  8. Except in the event of an emergency, the Company and/or its authorized agent shall at all reasonable hours, have access to the premises for the purposes of examining, regulating or repairing the gas apparatus installed, ascertaining the quantity of gas consumed or supplied and/or to discontinue or remove the meter. In the case of an emergency, the Company and/or its authorized agents shall have access to the premises at any hour.
  9. The Company shall not be liable for any damages or losses resulting from any failure to supply. The Customer agrees with the Company that the Company will not be held liable by the Customer for any loss, damage, injury or delay to any person or to any property resulting from the transportation, storing or any use of the gas supplied to the premises including any damage or loss from explosion or fire. Further the Customer agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Company from and against all claims and demands arising out of the transportation, storing or use of the gas supplied to the Customerís premises including any loss or damage from explosion or fire made by any person and from and against all damages, losses, costs, charges and expenses which the Company may sustain or incur and be liable for as a consequence of any such claim or demand.
  10. The customer acknowledges that there will be a late charge on the past due amount (minimum $1.00) if the bill is not paid within sixteen (16) days of rendering and there will be a monthly fixed charge of $___________________. Both of the charges are subject to revision and approval by the Ontario Energy Board.
  11. The Customer acknowledges that there will be a transfer/connection charge of $30.00 plus HST, or as may be ordered by the Ontario Energy Board, which will be charged on the first billing.
  12. It is a condition of this agreement that if there is no consumption after a one-year period from the date of meter connection, a $500 charge will apply to offset service line cost.

Call Before You Dig

Call before you dig

If yard work is on the to-do list, remember: before you dig, you must have all pipelines located by Ontario One Call. A network of hydro, natural gas, phone and cable lines, as well as water and sewer pipes, may lie just under the surface of your property. Sinking a shovel into the ground could result in serious injury, widespread service disruptions and costly repairs. And under Ontario regulations, you could be held liable for all of it.

To arrange to have utility lines located and marked for free, contact Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255. Or create an e-ticket online at, at least five full business days before you plan to dig.

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